Peppy announced a new feature on twitter which makes hosts and certificate handling obsolete. A new program is in work, the “Osu Server Launcher”.

Visit the Osu Private Server Community Discord for more informations.

Ultimate Osu Server Switcher

The Ultimate Osu Server Switcher is a server switcher that allows you to switch between osu!bancho and a variety of private servers. You can add your server and get your server featured in a partnership.

How it works

The Program fetches all its informations from the data/data.json file, which means its fully expandable even without a software update.

Switching to a different server or even bancho itself is fairly simple. You just choose the server you want to connect to from a list and click the «Connect» button.

How to add a server

As of the 05/29/2020 every server’s owner now needs to be member of our discord server as it is a requirement for our management! Thank you for your understanding.

If you wish to add a server, please follow these steps:

  1. Ask the server owner (if not you) if it’s okay to add their server to our switcher.
  2. Collect the following data:
    • The server name
    • The server’s website url
    • The server’s ip-address
    • The certificate
    • The discord tag of the server owner (We need to verify that he is on our discord server)
    • The certificate thumbprint (can be grabbed with our thumbprint reader, see releases)
      NOTE: The certificate should be base64 encoded (.cer file extension)
      If your certificate has the file extension .crt, use this tutorial to convert the .crt certificate to a .cer certificate.
    • The server icon (It should be sized 48x48 due to performance)
  3. Create an issue with the label “server request”. Please do not create a pull request as it would break our workflow. Thanks :)

Get your server featured (Partnership)

Currently we do not feature servers as we need to keep this state something special.

To expand the switcher and to gain popularity, partnerships are welcome!

If you and your private server want to help us please DM us on Discord!



We will offer a feature icon ⭐ before your server name in the switcher and your server will be put to the top of the list. In return for that we want you to offer our switcher as a second option on your switcher’s download site.

More details can be discussed on Discord.

In-deep explination

The server you are currently playing on is estimated by the ip that is deposited in the hosts file. Switching a server includes deinstalling all certificates, modfying the hosts file, followed by installing the corresponding certificate (if you chose to play on a third-party server).

The certificates will be installed on the local machine, rather than just the local user to avoid a warning prompt the user has to agree with. This improves the switching agility to garantue the best user experience. Also why not, the hosts changes apply to the whole computer too.

Current servers

Currently the following servers are listed:


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